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About the Artist

Alan Hairsine is an award-winning nature and landscape photographer who exhibits and sells his artwork online and at numerous juried fine art events throughout the region.  His approach to photography is simple - be vigilant and venture off the beaten path to create interest through the mindful use of composition, perspective and natural light.  He photographs a wide variety of subjects ranging from domestic and European scenes to rustic prairie visions and abstracts.


Alan is an avid outdoorsman and seasoned traveler.  Much of his inspiration comes from his desire to explore new locations, always seeking

to find patterns and balance in the natural world through his lens.  He appreciates the subtle details in nature that are often easy to overlook and strives to include those elements in his work.

Creative Process


The first step in the creative process begins with composition and a firm understanding of technical fundamentals such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.  Most of his images were created using 35mm digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras and shot in RAW format.  Images are sometimes refined at this early stage through the use of polarizing, UV or neutral density filters depending on conditions.  Each image is then developed using digital software to carry out traditional photography darkroom techniques while remaining true to the artist’s intent.  No photograph contains elements that were superimposed from another image.

Nikon camera bodies and Nikkor lenses are generally used although it is important to understand the camera is not a magic device that ensures a successful image.  It is only a tool used to create the art that the photographer envisions.

Once the development process has been completed, photographs are digitally printed on acid-free paper, exhibition canvas, or other photographic media.  All mats and backing mats are 100% acid-free and hand-cut by the artist.  Each finished piece of artwork is hand-signed.